SpellCubed History

A note from game developer…perhaps only of interest to a few.

SpellCubed was designed and written by Dennis Roseman a (retired) mathematician. The original impulse was to design a game that would be based on exploration of higher dimensional geometry.
The original ideas centered on games that would explore the symmetries of a hypercube (four-dimensional cube) as well as things built up from such hypercubes. One game  involved a row of hypercubes with labels on all the “faces”. In order to understand how such a game could be played out,  a simpler similar game played with three dimensional cubes was sketched out and in trials it became clear that the three dimensional game could be interesting in its own right.  This lead to SpellCubed.

The first version of the game was begun in October 2012 using the software Blender and by the end of December 2012 the basic game was up and working.

It seemed like the game could be successful commercially, especially since it could be adapted easily to touch screens and thus to mobile platforms. Blender (at that time) would only build PC and Mac games, so in January 2013 a new version was begun, this time using Unity.