The Version Number of SpellCubed is found on the Info page of the game.  The original test version did not have a number.  Future development page has a current “to do” list. Below is the Version history of some of the key versions starting with most recent:

  1. Version 0.996 (Sept 13 2014)
      Added upScale feature to score system to provide a score boost as reward quality play
  2. Version 0.995 (July 19 2014)
    • In game tutorial added
    • many corrections and refinements to message system
  3. Version 0.95 (May 27 2014)
    • Multiplayer version working for some modes
  4. Version 0.90 (November 13 2013).
    • Sounds changed
    • Now using new revised default word lists
  5. Version 0.8  (November 1 2013).
    • Simplification of interface
    • Modifications in Word Mode  Hint System
    • Championship Difficulty Level now unlimited in 4Spells To Find.
    • Hint Modes are now indicated by changes of color of frames of Hint Cubes
  6. Initial test version (PC/ Mac / Linux) was circulated in Late May 2013.