Basics of play

In the most basic game we are presented with four lettered cubes. For example:


The goal is to manipulate these cubes using rotations of the cubes and  re-arrangement if the cubes so that four words are spelled out at the same time:


Figure 1: By rotating and switching Cubes as needed we form a Spell

The four words we have spelled are BARN, HUGE, TUBE and HITS. In SpellCubed, such a solution is called a “4Spell”, and the cubes as originally presented called a “CubeRoll” (as in roll of dice).

So our (first) goal in SpellCubed is to use cube rotations and cube rearrangements to turn a CubeRoll into a4Spell.

Note:We can only manipulate entire lettered cubes—we cannot rearrange letters on the cubes.  Details of how we perform manipulations and how we arrived at solution will  be found our Tutorials.

Our next goal is to use these same Cubes to find other 4Spells (how many depends on our choice of Level of Difficulty.)   We are aided in this by three Hint Systems.

Our ultimate goal is to accomplish our task with the most points where we score the most points by requesting  the fewest number of Hints and using these hints in the most efficient way..

To improve visual clarity we have changed the colors of letters. Note that letters not in these four spelled words are not part of the solution and are shown with faint font in Figure 1 above.  If we restored the original colors it would be harder to read our four words but would look this this:


Figure 2: Same 4Spell as Figure 1, with default color scheme.