A First Game (HTML)

This is an example of a basic game played in SpellCubed.  Video tutorials are also available.  Menus, options and settings are covered in other tutorials.

In Figure 0 we see four large lettered cubes (Cube 1, Cube 2, Cube 3 and Cube 4).  In back of these Cubes is a row of smaller cubes (currently blank) called Hint Cubes.  In front of the Cubes are three Boxes.  From top to bottom these are: the Quit Box, the Score Box, and the Hint Information Box.

By Tap, we mean click with the left mouse button.

We begin with a CubeRoll—a randomized presentation of specially lettered Cubes.

The first object of the game is use re-arrangements and rotations of these Cubes so as to get a 4Spell (see Basics of Play ).



Figure 0: SpellCubed begins with a Roll

We Tap on (any) Hint Cube to get first Hint.


Figure 1: First Hint is try “T” on top of Cube 4

There is no letter “T” on Cube 4.  The only cube with a “T” is Cube 2, so we switch these two


Figure 2: After switching Cubes 2 and 4.

Next we rotate Cube 4 to match the “T” of our Hint.


Figure 3: After rotating “T” to top of Cube 4.

Next we Tap on some Hint Cube to get another Hint.


Figure 4: Next hint is to put “L” at Front on Cube 4.

We use yellow color to distinguish the most recent Letter Hint—in this case “L”.  We next rotate Cube 4 to bring the “L” to the front as suggested by our Hint


Figure 5: After rotation of “L” to Front of Cube 4.

We Tap a Hint Cube for next Hint.


Figure 6: Next Hint is try an “S” at bottom of Cube 3.

There are two letter “S”s, one on Cube 2 and one on Cube 4. We need to move one of these. But only Cube 4 has a “T” next to an “L”, so we should not switch Cube 3 and Cube 4 to get an “S” on Cube 3. It follows that we should switch Cube 2 and Cube 3:


Figure 7: We switch Cube 2 and Cube 3

And now rotate Cube 3 so that the “S” position matches that of our Hint:


Figure 8: And then rotate “S” to Bottom of Cube 3.

Again we Tap for another Hint:


Figure 9: Next Hint is to have “A” on Front of Cube 3.

We have already established that the letters of Cube 3 are on the correct Cube, so the “A” of the Hint must be the “A” that is already on Cube 3 and not the “A” on Cube 1. So we confidently rotate “A” into place.


Figure 10: We rotate “A” to Front of Cube 3.

We Tap for another Hint.


Figure 11: Next Hint is to have an “E” on the Front of Cube 2.

There is currently no “E” on Cube 2, so we need to make some kind of switch. We have already decided that the letters of Cubes 3 and 4 are in the correct order so the only possibility is to switch Cube 1 (which does have an “E”) and Cube 2. At this point we also conclude that we will not need to do further switching to get our Spell—only Cube rotations.


Figure 12: We switch Cube 1 and Cube 2.

Next we rotate Cube 2 to match our Hint.


Figure 13: Next we rotate “E” to Front of Cube 2.

We Tap for another Hint.


Figure 14: Next Hint is to have an “A” at the Top of Cube 2.

We rotate accordingly:


Figure 15: We rotate “A” to Top of Cube 2.

Up until this point the letters on the Cubes have not formed and clear pattern or near-pattern. But at this point we notice that we now have some words formed: “DART” appears in blue on the Top Row and “BUSS” appears in aqua on the Bottom Row. However neither “BEAL” on the Front Row nor “HOLO”. In addition we know that our Cubes are in the only possible order consistent with our Hints, AND Cubes 2, 3 and 4 are rotated in the only way possible consistent with those Hints. So the only possible manipulation that we can do to get the Spell that the Hints are guiding us to is a rotation of Cube 1. Although “BEAL” is not a word, perhaps we can rotate Cube 1 to replace the first letter and form a word. One way to do this is to rotate Cube 1 to rotate the “D” to the Front and spell “DEAL”—that will be good since it would give the word “BOLO” on the Back Row:


Figure 16: We rotate Cube 1 and get a Spell.

Upon our rotation we have found a 4Spell! The game responds with a gong sound and change of color in celebration.

BUT we are not yet finished with our game.

From the beginning a message on the Score Box has indicated that we are supposed to find 3 4Spells to complete the game—we have just found one. Three is the minimum number—at higher difficulty settings, we would be expected to find more.

At this point we can do one of two things to get Hints for the next 4Spell. Note that the Hint Cubes are (again) blank. We could Tap on the Hint Cubes as before and get Hints, one letter at a time (this is called Letter Hint Mode). An experienced player might want to try this, but it is likely to lead to a lower score for a beginner, and likely will be not a lot of fun.

BUT a second option, recommended to all but the most advanced players, is to Tap on the Hint Information Box which will give us a Word Hint, if there is one (and there usually is one).
In our case we are informed that there is another 4Spell that actually uses the word “DEAL” as we have in our previous 4Spell AND we only need to make changes to one Cube to get a new 4Spell:


Figure 17: We Tap on Hint Information Box we get first Word Hint.


(NOTE: In Version 0.8 and beyond, we have made a change so that if we are in the Word Style Hint Mode, the frames about the Hint Cubes will change from gold to white.  This gives an additional visual cue as to the Hint Mode.  We will soon rewrite this tutorial to show this, but this does not affect the basic information below in this Tutorial.)

Since there are only changes to one cube this change must be a rotation. BUT we are not told which Cube to rotate. If we were to request another Word Style Hint, we could find out which Cube, but each time we request a Hint, we lower our eventual score, so lets see if we can figure this out without an additional hint.

Which Cube should we try to rotate AND still keep the Word “DEAL”? It cannot be Cube 1 since if we keep our “D” on the Front of Cube 1 we can only form “BART”, “UART” neither is a real word.
So perhaps it is Cube 2 we should rotate. Now we want to keep the “E” on the front and so can only form on the Top Row “HLRT”, “HURT” or “HHRT”. Of these only “HURT” is a real word AND if we use this we will have the real word “BASS” on the Bottom Row. So this actually works and we have found our second 4Spell.


Figure 18: We rotate Cube 1 and get our second Spell.

We continue to find a third 4Spell and Tap on the Hint Information Box for a Word Style Hint:


Figure 19: We Tap and get another Word Hint.

We are told there is a 4Spell using the word “HEAL” and changing two Cubes. For a beginner, this leaves too many possibilities to make a fun discovery, so we Tap once more for further information.


Figure 20: Tap again and get a more detailed Word Hint.

So now we know that we need to keep the word “HEAL” and make changes to Cubes 1 and 4. But this leaves a lot of possibilities. For example, do we need to switch Cube 1 and Cube 4 and then do rotations, or do we leave them in place and do rotations? We decide not to simply check out all these possibilities but Tap on the Hint Information Box for a further Hint.


Figure 21: Tap once more and reveal Cube 1 with Word Hint

This time the letters on one of the Cubes (Cube 1 this time) is revealed. That gives us much information. To begin with we see that we will not have to switch Cube 1 and Cube 4. So we rotate Cube 1 to match our Hint:


Figure 22: We rotate Cube 1 to match Hint for Cube 1

At this point we know that all we have to do is rotate Cube 4 keeping the “L” in place. At this point, we quickly discover the 4Spell:


Figure 23: We rotate Cube 4 and get our third and final Spell.

And now we have finished our game—we have found three 4Spells for our initial CubeRoll.

So far we have concentrated on getting the 4Spells, but besides this we want to have a high Score. Lets talk a little about the Score.

First we note that we have done well in our game. We got a score of 1651 points. We have previously played SpellCubed and gotten a Score of 536. So we have beaten our current best score on this level. If you now look back over our Figures, note that the Score changes each time we make a change in the Cubes the move “costs” points and the cost depends on how many Hints we are using. But we also gain (Bonus) points be finding 4Spells.