Menus (HTML)

The Main menu Spellcubed has four buttons with fairly obvious meanings.   As with most Buttons in SpellCubed, they appear as Boxes:


  • Info will give some basic very general information about the game, web site, copyright etc.
  • Options allow options of the game for non-beginners
  • Play is to play the game. A Tap on this Button will take you the the “Choose Difficulty Level” Page.
  • Quit is to quit the game. As with most computer games, you can also use the Escape Key to quit.

One can play SpellCubed with default options and avoid use of the Options page. When you are ready to explore it you will find:


    • Player Name.  SpellCubed assumes that this name is either the default name or the person who played the game last.  High Scores are kept separately for each Name.  One way to replay SpellCubed and, in effect wipe out all previous High Scores is to invent a new name and play using it.
    • Word List: The default Word List for SpellCubed is a list of common English Words.  By clicking on this Button one can cycle through available Word Lists.  Changing your Word List will result in an entirely new Game which is available in all options and settings.  Here is the current list of WordLists: Default List of Common English Words, a larger list of English words, Spanish words, Old Testement words (includes names and geographical words), French words and Shakespeare words.
    • Colors.  One of the options is a choice of Color Schemes.  Currently there are two choices: Day Colors and Night Colors.  This changes only how the game looks.

If we Tap on this Button, we will change colors as we see:


And this will change the colors of the game to look like this:


  • Done. After we have made choices of Options on this page (if any) we Tap the Done Button. This will take us to the Chose Difficulty Level Page.

Before we begin to play a game in SpellCubed we need to select a Level of Difficulty. The Menu for this looks like:


The Level of Difficultly determines two things—it determines the method used to generate a CubeRoll and it also determines the number of 4Spells needed to complete a game.
CubeRoll generation is done by the game and the player need not be concerned about the details. We choose not to reveal the methods of CubeRoll generation but, for the information, statistically, the a higher level of Difficulty will mean a higher expected 4Spell Number for a CubeRoll.

The Difficulty Levels and corresponding number of 4Spells needed to complete a Game are as follows:

    • Slight Difficulty A game requires 3 4Spells. This is generally the easiest level and the default. Not that the red color indicates it is preselected by default.
    • Moderate Difficulty:A game requires 5 4Spells.
    • Hard Difficulty:A game requires 9 4Spells.
    • Expert Difficulty:A game requires 15 4Spells.
    • Champion Difficulty: There is no set limit for the number of  4Spells to find.   This level is very special and has special page. Basically this is a variable Difficulty Level and is as difficult as a player wishes.

After the Difficulty Level is selected Tap on the Play Button and you will get to the Play Menu:


For example if we Tap on the Timer Button once we will get a Pensive (480 Second) Level: