Using the Timed Modes

With the Timer off (which is the default) there is no time limit for the player to find the required Spells.

If the timer is turned on then there is a choice of settings as to the time allowed to find the Spells for the chosen Difficulty Level.

For all Difficulty Levels except the Champion Level the following rule holds:

  • if Time expires before the required Spells are found, the Game is over and progress in the game is lost.
  • if all required Spells are found and Time has not expired, then a Time Bonus is rewarded.  The more Time that is left, the higher the Time Bonus.
  • For the Champion Level, there is  a time Bonus if all required Spells are found (because there are an unlimited number of such Spells, this frequently does not happen) but if there are still Spells to be found when Time Expires, the player can keep the most score after the most recent Spell if it is a High Score.