A section “Frequently Asked Questions” (FAQ) is a feature of most modern documentation. It allows the author to list miscellaneous comments wonderfully free of even a hint of logical organization.

However SpellCubed is so new that no one has yet had even opportunity to ask anything–the contents of this page are written by the creator of SpellCubed. So this Section is currently something like “Possible Unasked Questions” (PUQ).

    1. What is the name of this game? The game developer actually prefers this to be written as Spell3 or alternatively Spell^3, but that is too hard to search for on the web for most so we spell it out: SpellCubed.
    2. What is the difference between the various Difficulty Levels? Most importantly, as the Difficulty Level goes up, so does the number of Spells to find for the given CubeRoll. CubeRolls are generated by random processes, so “difficult” in SpellCubed means “likely to be difficult”. For example a CubeRoll for a Moderate Level is most often more challenging in some way than a CubeRoll for a Hard Level. However it does not mean that every Hard Level CubeRoll is more challenging than any Moderate Level CubeRoll. Each Difficulty Level has its own method of producing a CubeRoll. This is done in a way so that as the Level goes up, the number of possible 4Spells for the given CubeRollis likely to be larger. For further information see our Under the Hood Page on this topic.
    3. Is “PSST” a word? In fact, what IS a word?  In any word game the question of “what words are allowable” always comes up. There is never a right answer.We have a number of word lists in Spellcubed and these are. frequently tweaked see our Word List page for more info.
    4. Hey, what happened to my Hints? Each time a 4Spell is found the Hints blocks are cleared and Hint number reset to zero. Since the old hints are not likely to be valid for other 4Spells of the current CubeRoll.
    5. Why do the Letters on the Cubes have different colors? To make them easier to read, we use blue for the Top Letters of all cubes, Red for Front Letters, Aqua for the Bottom Letters, Orange for the Back Letters, etc.
    6. Why is one Hint Letter yellow in Letter Hint Mode?  When playing the game, it is generally important to keep track of which Hint Letter is the most recent, so it always appears in yellow to make it easy to distinguish. Other Hint letters, if any use the same color scheme as the Cubes.