Spell Review Mode (HTML)

The Spell Review Mode is useful but minor part of SpellCubed that might is helpful for more advanced players in long games.

It is available only in Word Hint Mode. The purpose is to aid the player in reviewing previously found Spells that correspond to the current Word Hint.   This could help a player to find new Spells without using additional Hints resulting in an improved Score.

There is an associated video tutorial that illustrates this Mode as well.

Here is an example game (a Champion Level). Note that this Rolls can be solved by 115 different Spells. We are can find as many as we wish in our pursuit of a high score. Below we see our initial Roll.


Figure 0: Game begins with a Roll with 115 solutions.

After a series of Letter Hints and associated Moves by the Player, we have our first Spell (CORN, SONG, WORD, GAME):


Figure 1: A first Spell is found.

Continuing the Player has chosen to get a Word Style Hint and finds there is a Spell using the word CORN on top and with only ONE cube changed. Note the white color on frames is reminder that we are in Word Hint Mode.

If the Player would tap again as indicated, the game would reveal which cube needs to be changed. However that would “cost” the Player some points. An experienced Player would examine the Cubes to see possibly find a solution without using a Hint.  The player might try two vertical rotations of the first Cube giving a second Spell (CORN, GONG, WORD, SAME):


Figure 2: A first Word Style Hint.

Now there are 113 possible Spells left. The Player then chooses to have another Word Hint and is informed, once again, that there is a Spell using the word CORN on top and with only ONE cube changed, and the Game continues.



Figure 3: A Second Spell is Found.

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Figure 4 : A Word style Hint for the third Spell.


Figure 5: .

In this Roll, it turns out that there are many Spells that contain the word CORN. This follows a pattern often found in SpellCubed.

Let us skip over finding the next few Spells and only say that ALL of the Word Hints that are given are all “there is a Spell using the word CORN on top and with only ONE cube changed”, which the Player then finds, with or without Hints. After finding 16 such Spells we find:


Figure 6: The Word Style Hint for the 98th Spell.


Figure 7: A tap on a Help Cube has switched to Spell Review Mode, showing first Spell found.


Figure 8: A second Tap has recalled a second found Spell.


Figure 9: Another Tap reviews yet another found Spell.


Figure 10: When we are done with Review we can return to Word Style Hint.


Figure 11: We might continue to request another Word Style Hint.