Difficulty Level

Details of these Levels is subject to change as we continue to develop the game. What is described here is the current settings.

The basic difference of the levels are the number of Spells per Roll required to complete a Game., however the Champion Level provides a different way to play that includes easy and difficult levels.

These numbers are the same whether four or five Cubes are used.

  • Slight: 3 Spells
  • Moderate: 5 Spells
  • Hard: 9 Spells
  • Expert: 15 Spells
  • Champion: Number of  Spells Unbounded

In addition, as we increase the Level of Difficulty, letters are chosen for the blocks in such a way that as Difficulty increases the likely Spell Number for the Roll will increase. We choose not to reveal our methods for doing this, but (as a hint, it is not all that complicated) a determined and observant player might consider it a mini-game challenge and deduce our techniques.