At each stage of a game SpellCubed chooses one Spell that can be formed from the current Cubes that has not been already found by the player.  SpellCubed then gives Hints on how to find this Spell.  If this is not the first Spell of the game, SpellCubed attempts to choose a Spell that is “close to” the most recently found Spell.


There are three types of Hint in SpellCubed: Letter Style Hints, Word Style Hints and Word Review Hints.  The color if the frames of the Hint Cubes will indicate the current style:

  • Gold (default color) is for  Letter Style Hints
  • White is for Word Style Hints
  • Red is for Word Review Hints

Letter Style Hints: When you start a game you will always use Letter Style Hints.  Generally in this mode, a Tap on any Hint Cube will cause a letter to appear (in yellow) on one face of one Hint Cube.


General Remarks:

For Letter Mode Hints, for each Spell Search a random order is chosen and Letter Hints are given, one at a time in that random order.

The Hint systems are governed by random processes so even if one were to play a twice game with exactly the same Roll (not that that would be interesting to do) the Hints would be given in a different order..

Hints given are hints to some Spell, but these are not always the best Hints nor the easiest Spell to find. So it pays to be alert—you can sometimes find Spells that are not hinted at that will give you a better Score.