Learning How to Play

We will soon have some more tutorials available on this site. Currently we have two different tutorial full gamaes: one in text with graphics, and another a video tutorial..

We very strongly recommend that you learn to play on the most basic level–Default Word List, Untimed Mode, Letter Hint Mode and Slight Difficulty.

Using an Untimed Mode is important in learning because you can never really loose. You can’t loose by running out of time, and if you play poorly you will simply get a low score, and that low score won’t matter if you get a higher score with your settings in a future game.

A game always starts off in Letter Hint Mode for the first 4Spell. In the other 4Spells, as a learner it is instructive to automatically switch to Letter Mode for the other 4Spell Searches.

Simply observe the letters on the row of Cubes and follow the letter Hints and you will begin to see how the four 4Spell Words can slowly appear from the jumble of Roll letters. If you use the maximum number of hints (16 for four Cubes, 20 for five Cubes) you will have arrived at a 4Spell.

Pay attention to the moves right before the end and ask yourself if you could have guessed them without the hint. Eventually you will find that you often can. Then see if perhaps you could have done without the last two Hints, etc.


For Word Hint Mode the strategy is a bit different and it is here that you sometimes go back and forth between geometric and language reasoning…