Each game begins with a certain number of points. At the very first game are only two InitialĀ  Scores—2000 for Four Cubes, 3000 for Five Cubes. The scoring system is based on one basic principle. If you use a high number of Moves and/or high number of Hints, your score will be lower by a number called the Cost of the Move, than if you use a smaller number of Moves and/or number of Hints.

Every move that you make has a Move Cost.
Letter Hints by themselves do not incur a cost, but the do indirectly by increasing the cost of future moves.
Word Hints do have a Cost.

BUT ALSO there are Bonuses—for each Spell Found there is a Bonus Added. This will generally cause your score to increase, but if things go really poorly, the bonus might end up being a negative number.

The size of the Bonus depends jointly on the number of Moves made and number of Hints requested. This means that if either the number of Moves made or the number of Hints given is small, then the bonus will be large.

IN ADDITION at every level SpellCubed keeps track of you successes, from Roll to Roll, from day to day–how often you get a high score or come close to one—and will boost the scoring system accordingly enabling you to get higher and higher High Scores.